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Strategic advisory support for the sub-Saharan African extractives sector

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As a fast-growing boutique consultancy, we offer clients tailored solutions. We work with each client to provide an offering that is adaptable and dependable. We’re on the ground and our unique sector focus allows us to develop and maintain an unparalleled depth of understanding of the critical issues impacting the extractives sector.


We sit at the intersection of the political, regulatory, technical and commercial dimensions of the industry. We work with our clients and their key stakeholders to create shared value.


We take pride in our reputation for delivering quality work with honesty and transparency. We pitch for work where we are confident we can deliver value.



We are proud to have worked with some of the most innovative companies in East Africa, including these highlighted.



We take a tailored approach to our work and we’re proud of the work we’ve done to date. Take a look at some of our case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals.



We mapped out the permits and licenses required for a large scale gold project that was transitioning from exploration into development. The process took into account key parameters such as licensing, sequencing, timing and pre-requisites. We also highlighted permits and licenses we assessed likely to be a conditions precedent for financial institutions.



Due diligence

We conducted a complex due diligence assessment of a company that held numerous mineral rights. The assessment included making sure licenses were acquired ethically, remained in good standing, breaking down ownership, tenure and red flags for the investor. The advice was integral to the actions of a global investor that was assessing an acquisition in Tanzania.


Compliance audit

We carried out a detailed compliance audit for a company that was seeking external funding. The audit was a retroactive assessment of the company’s licensing and its compliance with the key legislation and regulations that govern the sector. The audit was used by the company as it sought debt funding to move towards construction. 


Market entrance

We advised a multi-national investor that was seeking to enter Tanzania’s mining sector by providing a tailored board level paper that mapped out the risks and opportunities for the client as well as advice on positioning and stakeholder engagement with senior government and private sector decision makers. We provided a high level report and presented to the company’s board on its ambitions in-market. 


In-country assistance

We helped a goods and service provider enter Tanzania, providing actionable advice on local content regulations, mapping of potential clients, competitors and key stakeholders. We actively assisted the company as it set up in country, provided advisory support on its positioning in market and helped the company supercharge its business development by harnessing our unique understanding of the market and players. 


Level 3, Address Building, Plot 1403/01, Bains Singh Avenue, Msasani Peninsula, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

P.O. Box 105345, Dar es Salaam

+255 753 301 837 (Tz)

+61 423 633 298 (Aus)

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