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Above Ground Advisory advises prospective and current investors in the mining and oil & gas sectors. We work closely with our clients to help them understand market dynamics, assess opportunities and navigate in-country challenges. Our advice is tailored to meet clients’ commercial objectives and risk appetite.

Clients include companies in exploration and production as well as key providers working across the equipment, technology and services value chain. Above Ground Advisory works with companies that have operated in their respective fields for decades, and assists companies assessing new commercial opportunities in unfamiliar locations.


Market Intelligence

Country assessment

We help investors stay current and informed in an ever changing world. We provide bespoke business and market intelligence to help companies understand the local landscape and therefore make informed decisions. We track, investigate and analyse political, regulatory and market changes as well as trajectory. Our advice helps investors see opportunities and challenges and manage their risk exposure in market. 

For companies entering the market and those wanting a status check on the market we provide a full spectrum country assessment of the political economy and the extractives space. We assess key risks and opportunities, undertake entry and exit strategies and provide board level scenario planning exercises. Assessments are tailored to investors' presence, risk appetite and ambitions in-market.

Stakeholder relationship management


Permitting & compliance

We ensure that our clients develop and foster strong relationships with their key stakeholders. We provide stakeholder profiling of key decision makers, develop engagement strategies and provide hands on assistance for government relations and issues advocacy. Our strategies sit at the intersection of politics, regulatory and commercial and we align our advice and approach with the needs of our clients.

We help companies operate in a manner that is both compliant and efficient. We provide permitting blueprints and timelines, executions strategies including active tenement management, and assist investors navigate the necessary regulatory authorities and requirements. We provide strategic advisory support on local content regulations and provide an outsourced compliance function for companies across the extractives value chain.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch below.

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